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Unifi G4 Instant Camera Outlet Straight/Angle Mount

Unifi G4 Instant Camera Outlet Straight/Angle Mount

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This mount lets you put a Unifi G4 Instant camera anywhere there's an outlet. You can choose a straight mount or an angled mount depending on your setup. The angled mount is reversible that adds a 30 degree angle to the left or the right.

Note, the listing is for the mount only. It does not include the camera, 6" USB cable, or the power adapter that comes with the G4 Instant. You can use the USB cable included with the camera or buy a 6" one like the one pictured here.

Compatibility: Unifi G4 Instant (UVC-G4-INS-US)

Included: 1pc straight outlet mount or angled outlet mount (camera, power adapter, and USB cable NOT included)

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