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DEWALT ToughSystem 2.0 3-Drawer Customizable Bins

DEWALT ToughSystem 2.0 3-Drawer Customizable Bins

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The main bins optionally come with internal removable dividers that snap securely into place and can be configured for 1, 2, or 4 compartments. Since the dividers aren't permanently attached you can change them as your needs change. Also included are two long bins that fit in the gaps near the front of the drawer.

NOTE: Due to the way the ToughSystem unit is constructed it is only recommended to use the bins in the top drawer if you expect the case to get bounced around. The bottom two drawers have a 3/4" inch gap above them when closed so if the unit gets bounced around items stored in the bins can move into a different bin.

Compatibility: DEWALT ToughSystem 2.0 Three-Drawer Unit (DWST08330)

Included: 16pcs main bins with optional quad dividers. 2pcs long bins. (ToughSystem unit NOT included)

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